予約状況カレンダーと実際のご予約状況が異なる場合もございます。お急ぎの方は、 まで、E-mailをいただくか、03-6423-8530までお電話をお願いいたします。J-waveにて紹介させていただいたプランのご予約は、メールにてお願いいたします。


Cancellation Policy:
ご宿泊日当日(不泊の場合も同じ) : ご宿泊料金100%
到着日1日前 :ご宿泊料金の半額
ご到着日2日前: 無料



表の見方:MD:男性専用ドミトリー,FD:女性専用ドミトリー,PR:男女利用OKな個室    ◯=空室有,△=残りわずか,×=空室なし


Booking available from under this form. Cancellation needs to be made by e-mail contact (instead of phone calls) to avoid mistakes and problems.If you would like to book one room for four of the same group. We’ll charge 1200 JP yen for add-on charge additional a private room.
Booking require a deposit of one night accommodation fee for one person.
Check in time officially ends at 1:00 AM. Check-in is not possible after 01:00 AM.
01:00 後不可辦理入住手續。
01:00 AM 이후에는 체크인이 불가합니다.

【other rule】
Cancellation Policy:
On arrival day : 100% of your first night accommodation fee.
1 day before arrival day:50%
2 day before arrival day:free

On-line bookings can be made as early as 3 moths prior.

We will give you a reply within 24hours after receiving the request, then the booking is confirmed.In case of no reply after 24hours, please contact us again.

Special conditions are applied when either the Male or Female Dormitory Rooms are booked out by a group of 4 people. An extra charge will be applied for exclusive use of the room, and a deposit will be charged via Paypal. The reservation is only considered complete after the Paypal transaction is confirmed. Please contact the property directly for more details.


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