328 HOSTEL&LOUNGE is only 2 stops from Haneda Airport International Terminal Station by train. Exit at Anamoriinari station. It’s also easy to reach by bus. Take the public bus from the airport and get off at the fifth bus stop (about 10 minutes away).  An advance reservation is required to stay  at our hostel.  Because it is a small hostel, we may not be able to support you if you visit without a reservation. Please see the booking page for availability.

【How to get to 328 HOSTEL&LOUNGE】
◯from Shinagawa station
Guests get on Airport Express(AIRPORT KYUKO:blue line).
If you take Limited Express(TOKKYU:red line) or Airport Limited Express (KAISOKU TOKYKYU:Orenge and green line).
Guests have to transfer at KEIKYU KAMATA station.

◯from Haneda International Airport
Guests get on Airport Express(AIRPORT KYUKO:blue line) and Limited Express(TOKKYU:red line) .
Please be careful Airport Limited Express(AIRPORT KAITOKU:Orange and green Line) Anamoriinari station don’t stop at Anamoriinari station.

【From Anamoriinari Station】
1)After exiting the station,turn right at the corner of Seven-Eleven.Then cross the railroad track immediately.
2)Go straight. You will be walking south.You will pass some restaurants,HOTEL Keikyu EX-INN HANEDA and AEON Convenience store.It takes about 5 min.
3)Cross a stop at the end of the road and turn right.You will pass the BANK (SAWAYAKA SHINYOUKINKO)
4)You will see a stoplight and turn left at Japanese style Pub千世(CHIYO)after walking about 1min.
5) You will see us 328 HOSTEL on the right side of the street. If you get lost you’ll find White lantern at the entrance after 6PM.

※If you see PIAGO supermarket, you have walked too far. Turn around and find the street of the Hostel or Please call us +81 (6423)8350

328 HOSTEL&LOUNGE距離羽田國際機場僅有5分鐘火車車程!交通便利,方便客人前往機場。讓我們成為您旅行回憶的一部份,或以此作為您蒐集旅遊情報的訊息站。

可乘坐京浜急行線 急行(LED看板:藍色)或特急(LED看板:紅色)。請搭乘後方車廂。至穴守稻荷站下車。
※快速特急(LED看板:綠色)和機場快速(LED看板:橙色)不會停靠 “穴守稻荷站”,搭乘時請注意。

電車至穴守稻荷站下車。 ※本站僅有一個出口
直走會經過「養老乃瀧」居酒屋、過一個紅綠燈、經過TamaDear Hotel Haneda,直走到底向右轉。
徒步約1分鐘後,右手邊可看見的印有白色燈籠的深藍色門簾就是328 Hostel&Lounge。

京浜急行巴士 蒲30,31(蒲田方向)、蒲40,41(蒲田方向)、森11(大森方向)。在“六間堀”車站下車。
下車後向後方走、在第一個紅綠燈,居酒屋“千世”、沖繩料理“さくら”中間右轉。步行約1分鐘,右手邊可看見的印有白色燈籠的深藍色門簾就是328 Hostel&Lounge

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