Introducing Japanese Culture Events

“What? There’s no hostel near Haneda’s major international airport?!”


328 was born when a Haneda area native who had experienced a number of backpacking trips abroad thought, “Well, if there isn’t one here, I’ll make it myself.”


Haneda International Airport underwent a “re-internationalization” of sorts in 2010, meaning it now hosts many more international carriers than people tend to realize. Since its opening, 328 has functioned as a gateway for travelers most often spending either their first or last night in Japan. 328 hopes that these guests can make positive memories in this limited timeframe. For guests staying longer, the hope is to show the nooks and crannies of this old local town. It is a town where older folk are seen taking quiet strolls with the aid of walking carts, and where school children use the English they’ve only just begun to learn – “Hello!”


328 hosts a maximum of ten guests at any given time. What that means is that it’s easy to remember those guests’ face, and thus, easy to become friends. These guests are often foreign backpackers ready for adventure, but 328 also regularly hosts businesspeople and Japanese people taking domestic flights. Where other hostels tend to host almost exclusively the foreign backpacker type, 328 attracts a unique mix of travelers, businesspeople, and locals, who can interact spontaneously in the first floor lounge.